Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in any mobile

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Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in any mobile.

Reliance Jio sim card is currently available for all LYF,selected Samsung and LG Handsets. These sim cards are not available for retails sale. So you cannot get these sim cards for any other mobile phones.

To get the Jio sim cards, you have to install all the jio applications.After installig all the apps you have to open myjio app and then you will get the option of get jio sim , simply click and fill up the forms , and you will get the promo code. Take the promo code to the Reliance Digital Store and get the new Jio Sim Cards for your phone.

But now you will not get the options of get Jio sim in any mobiles except the selected ones. Because they have updated the My Jio applications.

But then also you will generate the promo code by following the simple steps.

Step 1: First of all you have to uninstall all the installed jio apps.

Step 2: Now download and install the myjio app from the below link only don't update the myjio app.


Step 3: open the myjio app and click on install all app.

Step 4: After installing all the apps restart the phone. After Restarting switch of data connection. and open my jio app then only you will get the option of get Jio Sim.

Step 5: Switch on the data connection and select the get Jio sim option.

Step 6. Fill up the forms and submit, then you will get the promocode.

Step 7. Take the promocode to the reliance digital store and get the new jio sim card.

Hope this will helps....