How to install windows xp through pendrive

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How to Install win xp through pendrive

                       Installing Windows xp from pendrive is somewhat tricky than the windows vista/7/10 installation.  The windows xp doesnot provides the feature of botting from pendrive. But now a days most of the work is done through pendrives. I goanna show you how to make windows xp bootable through pendrive.

                        There are various softwares available into the internet for making windows xp bootable. For the easiest way, follow the below steps.

Step 1.
                First of all download the software from the below link.
Step 2.
                After download, simply double click the file to extract the files. By default, it will extract the files to the source directory. Open the appropriate folder. There you will find, 2 files along with folders, one for 32 bit and another for 64 bit pc.

Step 3.
                Simply double-click the file, it is directly executable, no setup is required.

Step 4.
         Provide the windows xp cd location. If you are having the iso file then use power iso software to mount the iso file.

Step 5.
                Now press Go button to create the pendrive bootable.
Note: It will format your pendrive first.

Step 6.                 After creation of the bootable pen-drive, you can now you can boot and install windows xp from the pendrive.