How to enable hidden windows themes in windows 7 ?

11:20:00 PM Rohit Kumar Verma 0 Comments

                                  Whenever you are installing windows 7 operating system, based on the localization, it sets the themes, suppose if you are installing with south Africa localization, it will set the wallpapers and themes accordingly. Due to which there are other themes and wallpapers which are hidden due to the other localization. like themes for Australia, USA, Canada etc.

To enable these themes ,
Open My Computer --> Go to C: drive---->select windows folder --> then select Globalization ---> then select MCT.   Here you will find the various folders according to globalization. select any folder like MCT-AU --->then select theme folder ---> Here you will find the theme file named as AU---> Simply double click and the themes is installed.

Do the same with the other folders as well like MCT-CA, MCT-GB, MCT-US, MCT-ZA.