Network Data Model, Relational Data Model

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Data Model

Network Data Model:-

                                        Network Data Model in 1970 CODASYL (Conference on Data System Language) committee introduced network data model. This data model is implemented based on the many to many relationship. In this data model , data stored in the format of records and also record type is same as Table in relational data model. In 1970, IBM introduced IDMS(Information Data Management System Product). If we want to operate network data model products, then we are using procedural languages.

Relational Data Model:-

                                        In 1970 E.F.Codd introduced relational data model. In this data model, we are storing data into two dimensional tables and also E.F.Codd introduced, non-procedural language 'SQL' which is used to operate relational data model products.

Relational data model mainly consist of three components , these are :

1. Collection of database Objects
      e.g. tables, views , indexes, synonyms, sequences, etc.

2. Set of Operators.

3. Set of integrity rules.