Java Interview Questions Part 5

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Java Interview Questions

  1.  What is SavePoint? Explain different Savepoints?
  2. What are the different java coding standards and naming conventions?
  3. What is the right place to close jdbc connections?
  4. What is the difference between static SQL query and pre-compiled SQL query?
  5. How can we use type 3 Driver?
  6. What is the benifit of having JDBCRowSet implementation? 
  7. How can i manage special character when i execute an INSERT query?
  8. What is the difference between setMaxRows(int) and setFetchSize(int)?
  9. Is it possible to connect to multiple database simultaneously using single statement?
  10. What cause no suitable driver error?
  11.  What is the difference between type 2 and type 4 JDBC Driver?
  12. What will happen if we call resultSet.getInt(0) when Select query result just have one column of integer type?
  13. What is the difference between RowSet and ResultSet in JDBC?
  14. What is the JDBC Driver you have used in your project?
  15. Which driver is required for applet to DB s/w communication?
  16. What is the difference between direct connection and pooled connection?
  17. While working with Callable Statement obj why do we not have to register IN parameters with jdbc types?
  18. What is the difference between pl/sql procedure or functions?
  19. Can we call main() method explicitly?
  20. What is the syntax to call main method?
  21. Can we overload main method?
  22. What will happen if we call main() method in its own body?
  23. If a java file has multiple classes can we define main method in all classes?
  24. Why main() method is call mediator method between programmer and JVM?
  25. Why main method is called initial point of class logic execution?
  26. Can we execute a class without main method?
  27. What is token?
  28. List out all 7 types of java tokens?
  29. What is comment?
  30. what is the need of comment ?
  31. how many types of comment are there?
  32. Can we comment program statement like variables or methods using a comment?
  33. How can we provide documentation for programming elements?
  34. Will compiler read statement those are placed in comments?
  35.  Can we comment a comment?
  36. Can we comment a multi line comment using multi line comment?
  37. If we create a java file only with comments , will .class file will be generated?
  38. What is an identifier?
  39. Can we create a class or Method without name?
  40. When we will get CE: <identifier> expected?
  41. What are the rules in defining identifier?
  42. Can we start identifier with number?
  43. Can we start identifier with symbols?

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