Java Interview Questions Part 4

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Java Interview Questions

  1. How to insert large objects in database?
  2. How to create a batch file?
  3. What is metadata and why should i use it?
  4. How to use metadata to check column type?
  5. What is the difference between java.sql.Data and java.util.Data?
  6. How to convert java.util.Data to java.sql.Data?
  7. What is the purpose of setAutoCommit(-) method?
  8. Explain the different types of transaction isolation level?
  9. What is a "dirty read" problem ?
  10. What are the connection pools and what are the advantages?
  11. What is cold backup, hot backup and warm backup recovery?
  12. What is the difference between cached rowset, jdbrowset and webrowset?
  13. How do you get column names ? write the query?
  14. We maintain two database connections in single application ? how can we achieve that?
  15. What is the normal procedure followed by the java client to access the database?
  16. Explain the advantages of using Prepared Statement?
  17. Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support multiple concurrent open statement per connections?
  18. What are stored Procedure and how is it useful?
  19.  How to call a stored procedure from jdbc?
  20. Is the JDBC-ODBC Bridge is multi-threaded?
  21. How many JDBC drivers are present and what are they?
  22. Explain the java packages which contains JDBC classes and interfaces, java.sql, javax.sql?
  23. How do i insert an image file in databse?
  24. I have the choice of manipulating database data using a byte[] or a java.sql.Blog. Which has best performance?
  25. Can we call main() method explicitely, what is the syntax to call them?
  26. What will happen if we call main method Explicitely?
  27. Can we overload main() method?
  28. If we overload main method which main method is executed?
  29. If we create every class in a separate java file , how can we call one class method from another class, should we need to compile each class separately?
  30. What is auto compilation?
  31. What is the difference between System.out.print(),  System.out.println(), System.out.printf() methods?
  32. What is the java source file structure?
  33. Can we place package statement anywhere in the java file?
  34. Can we place import statement anywhere in the java file?
  35. How many package statement we can place in java file?
  36. How many import statement we can place in java file?
  37. What is the purpose of main() method?
  38. What is the valid main() method syntax?
  39. If we create a class with name string then how will main method executed?
  40. Why main method should be public?
  41. Why main method should be static?
  42. What is the use of main method parameter ?
  43. Why main method parameter type should be string[], can we change it to other type?
  44. Which part of the main method can be changable?
  45. Can we add final keyword to main method?

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