How to configure VPN Connection in Windows 10

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How to Configure VPN in windows 10?

          Now a days anonimity is required while we are surfing in internet. Our web surfing data is utilized by the various companies for the advertisement. 

           Using VPN you are hiding your identity over the internet. No one can be able to access your information if you are connected to the vpn.

           There are various free VPN Service provider in the internet. some are fake and slow access with many limitations.

So one of the best VPN Service i found in the internet is vpnbook

It provides various services like web proxy, PPTP connectivity,OpenVPN and etc...All at free of cost.

Steps to configure VPN

Step 1: Open Control panel.
Step 2: Select Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: Click on  "Setup an new Connection or Network"

Step 4:  Select Connect to a Workplace and press Next...

Step 5: Select "No create a new Connection" and press Next.

Step 6:  Select "use my internet connection (VPN)"

Step 7: Enter Internet Address and the destination name as any one of the below Internet Address: 
Some times your company may block the url. To overcome this use the below IP address in Internet Address


Destination Name : Any Name
After Entering Internet Address and Destination Name Press Create.

Step 8: Again open Network and Sharing Center from Control panel. 
Step 9: Then select Change Adapter Settings from the left menu.

Step 10: There you will see the connection created with Destination Name such as "Any Thing"
Step 11: Now Right click on it and select properties.

Step 12:  Now a small window will open . In that window , select Security Tab.
In "type of VPN" Section select Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

Step 13: Then double click on the connection we created. named as" Any Name".
A VPN Window will open , then select newly created VPN connection..   And Press Advanced Options

Step 14:  Now Select Edit Option

Step 15:  Now Enter User Name and Password

Step 16: For UserName and Password visit the below link:

You will see the user name and password at the bottom. 

Step 17:  Now Click on connect .

Then your vpn connection is initiating and your Connection is established.

Enjoy internet Surfing Anonymously...