Java Interview Questions Part 1

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 Java Interview Questions

  1. What is Persistence Store, Persistence Operations, and Persistence Logic?
  2. What are the limitations to Flat File System as Persistence store?
  3. What are the advantages of database software?
  4. What is JDBC?
  5. What is JDBC?
    1. Programming Language
    2. Java Technology
    3. Java Framework 
  6. What are the basic steps in writing a java programs to connect to a database using JDBC?
  7. What are the main components of JDBC?
  8. How does JDBC Application works?
  9. what is java.sql.Driver Interface?
  10. What does connection object represents?
  11. What is statement?
  12. What is Prepared Statement?
  13. What is Callable Statement? 
  14. Why do we prefer to write JDBC code with interface?
  15. What is the difference between Simple Statement Object and Prepared Statement Object?
  16. How to register JDBC Driver with DriverManagerService Explicitely?
  17. What happens internally when Class.forName(-) method is called with driver class name?
  18. Can you call a Stored Procedure using JDBC?
  19. How many Types of JDBC Drivers are there and what are they?
  20. Whish type of JDBC Driver is the fastest one?
  21. Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge Support multiple concurrent open statements per connection?
  22. Why java language is developed? 
  23. When should we use c language and when should we use java language?
  24. What is the important features of java?
  25. What is the abbreviation of java?
  26. What is platform , platform Dependency and platform independency?
  27. What is 
    1. Source Code.
    2. Compiled Code
    3. Executable Code
    4. Compilation
    5. Execution
    6. Compiler
    7. Interpreter 
  28. Why C and C++ programming language are platform dependency?
  29. How java achieved Platform Independency?
  30. Why JVM platform dependent?
  31. Why java is called Language?
  32. How many types of java software we have?
  33. What is the difference between JDK,JRE,JVM?
  34. What is a Java Plugin?
  35. What is Java SE & What is the differenc between JAVA SE and JDK?
  36. Why Java is called open source software?
  37. What is the environment variable?
  38. What is the difference between binary files and library files?
  39. What is the difference between path,classpath,& JAVA_HOME?
  40. Why "path" is used by OS and why "classpath is used by compiler and JVM?

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