Java Interview Questions Part 3

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Java Interview Questions

  1. What is Database Metadata?
  2. How will you use the Database Metadata?
  3. What is ResultSetMetaData?
  4. What is Rowset?
  5. Why do we need a Rowset?
  6. What are the advantages of Rowset over ResultSet?
  7. What are the different types of Rowset?
  8. What is the benefits of having JDBC Implementations?
  9. What is the need of batch update feature in JDBC?
  10. What is a Data Source?
  11. What are the advantages of Data Source?
  12. What is Sql Injection problem?
  13. What is difference between TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE in ResultSets?
  14. What are the common tasks of JDBC?
  15. How can you make the connections?
  16. How can you create JDBC Statements?
  17. How can you make a query?
  18. How can you retrieve data from ResultSet?
  19. How to navigate the resultSet?
  20. How to update a ResultSet?
  21. What is the difference between scrollable and non-scrollable ResultSet?
  22. What are the large object type supported by the oracle?
  23. What  are the essential statements of java program?
  24. What is the procedure to develop, compile and execute java program?
  25. Can we create empty java file, compile it and execute it?
  26. Can we create empty class file, compile it and execute it?
  27. Is main() method is mandatory for compilation in java?
  28. When java file-name and class-name should be same?
  29. Why java file and public class name should be same?
  30. What is the initial point of java class execution?
  31. In a single java file how many classes we can define?
  32. In a single java file how many public classes we can define?
  33. Can we compile multiple classes at a time?
  34. Can we execute multiple classes at a time?
  35. What is a user defined method?
  36. Will JVM Executes user defined method automatically?
  37. What is the rule in calling a user defined method?
  38. What are the two keywords we have in java to provide memory to class members?
  39. What is the difference between static and new keywords?
  40. Why JVM doesn't execute user defined methods, why it only executes main method?
  41. If a class doesn't have main method how can we execute that class methods?
  42. If java has a multiple classes, can we define main method in all classes? 
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