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DesktopNow Remote Computer Access Software

               Desktop Now is the Remote Desktop Software by which you can access to your Computer over the internet, even if you are not having public IP address.

It doesnot requires you to install any special software into the client pc to access the pc.You can access your pc with any web browser directly with any devices which support web browser like android mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

With this software you can view or Control you pc From anywhere in the world.
With this software you can share any files and folders on your computer.
With this software you can upload files to your pc remotely.
With this software even you can browse your pc like a file Explorer.

It is Free of Cost.
It provides you the security over your connection, Utilizes SSL Encryption.

To download software you can visit

After installing the above software you will be asked to register with the software, after registering you will get web link, which is required you to access your pc remotely.