How to remove unremovable home page from pc ?

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It is sometimes very irritating to remove unwanted homepage from the browser, which was caused by the virus or other malware.

Benefits for malware creator.
  • It is the common method for the hijackers to steal your computer information, like important passwords, and take control your computers, etc.
  • Most of the adware programs, were created to earn money by advertisement's which shows in your browser.
Here is the some common techniques to remove it.
hope it works for all.

First and the foremost method is to remove the malware from "Add & Remove programs" in xp and  "Program & Features " in win 7 from control panel, hope every computer users know about it. If not then post into comments, i will post method as well.

Secondly Search for Add-ons in your browser, malware uses adware add-ons to customize your browse.

To open addons in Internet Explorer,
Press Alt+T,
Then select Manage Addons,
Then remove any unwanted add-ons, which is unkonwn to you, Sometimes the addon created will be with the name of the search address, like luckysearch, conduit, etc any thing else.

To open addons in Firefox,
Press Alt+T,
Then select Addons,
Then under extensions and plugins you may check it out.

After completing First and Second Method,
For Internet Explorer,
Open Run by Pressing Win+R,
Type "Regedit" , and press OK,
Then navigate to HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Then after navigation select the string which contains your default homepage address, and change it to your favorite one.

And for Firefox,
Press Alt + H , Select Troubleshooting Information, select Refresh Firefox.
Then firefox will restart with its default settings,
Alternatevily you can edit the perfs.js file located at. C:\Users\Rohit\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
select any folder containing perf.js file. see image below.

Right Click and open with Notepad.
Then search for the address containing your default malware home page, and change it to your favourate one.

If any problem occurs ask us through comments.

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