How to delete Domain User Account and Workgroup User Account from client PC.

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It is difficult to delete domain user account from the client pc after first login, but easy to delete workgroup user accounts from control panel.

When it is required?
  1. Sometimes it is difficult for us to identify the problems of software behaviours in pc , which is irritating.
  2. Mostly domain user face the problem of the Temporary Profile Login, due to which, any file stored in the desktop or document gets deleted after restart.
  3. Slower loading of desktop after restart due to some hidden startup.
  4. Sometime due to virus problem windows doesn’t able to load the desktop.
  5. Sometime we change the many settings of the user accounts, and it is difficult to revert back to its original state, like internet settings, some software settings, etc.
  6. Sometime all the icons of the pc changes to Internet Explorer icon or any other software icons, this occurs due to the malware of viruses.

Note: Be careful while doing the below steps, before it is advised to create a local user account with administrator rights. Do backups of Data.

Step 1.
Open RUN menu, you may open it by pressing win + r shortcut key.
Type regedit and press ok.

Step 2.
After opening the registry edit menu, from the left panel expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then Expand Software, Expand Microsoft, Expand Windows NT, Expand Current Version, Expand Profile List
It looks same as below Image.

Step 3.
In left panel don’t delete the first 3 keys as it is system default keys. Select 4th or more position keys, and check the ProfileImagePath option from the right panel for the appropriate user account names. If not found, select and check the below keys. See below Image.

Step 4.
Delete the appropriate registry keys containing user name in the ProfileImagePath from the left panel. See below Image.

Step 5.
After completing above steps, open my computer, go to C drive, select users folder (documents and settings in win XP), delete the folder containing the name of the user account.
If unable to delete the folder, restart the pc and login with another local account created before proceeding the steps. And delete the folder. See the image below.

Step 6.
If unable to do step 5, you may ignore it and simply restart the pc and continue to log in, it will start loading the fresh desktop as new one. It will create a new folder in the users folder with the suffix as computer_name.user _name, see image below.

Now its, Done......