Microsoft Windows 10

10:58:00 PM Rohit Kumar Verma 0 Comments

The major aim of windows 10 is to focus on the user experiences and functionality between different devices. Windows recent user interface which was released by win 8, it continues to share the same interface with new looks and improvements.

A new virtual desktop system was added named Task View. Charms have been removed, as to shutdown in previous windows, we have to open charms from the right side and and goto settings and shutdown, Now Start Menu is back with new look as a mix of win 7 and win 8 start menu.

Windows 10 is now more secure , contains various multiple authentication technology. To maintain the storage, it automatically compress the system files , if required without degrading the performance of the system.

You can download various universal apps from the app-store which work across various devices.

You can download the Windows 10 Technical preview below.

Recommended Requirements.

Processor              : 1Ghz or Higher

Ram                      : 1GB Min.

HDD                     : Atleast 16 GB, min 12 GB. 

Graphics               : To run aero theme, Microsoft directX 9 graphics with wddm driver. 

You can activate the windows with the below key, valid till the release of major windows OEM release or 15th Apr.